Happy 25th Birthday Alex Gaskarth!

Birthday Projects for Alex and Rian:-

Just a quick reminder guys, last few hours to send stuff in for the Birthday video i’m making for Alex for tomorrow :’) — :) x

Birthday Projects for Alex and Rian:-

Hey guys;

So that time has come around again where I’m planning a birthday video. This time it’s for Rian and Alex since their birthdays are right next to each other.

It’s Alex’s birthday first I’m sure you’ll all already know this, but it’s on the 14th of December, which is a Friday. And Rian’s is December 18th, just four days later.

It’s perfect timing too because I break up for my Christmas break from Uni on that week :’) So I’ll have plenty of time to sort the videos. 

Both of the guys are gonna turn 25 :-) So I wanna make them a birthday video each.

If you wanna take part all you need to do is to write ‘Happy Birthday Alex’ or ‘Happy Birthday Rian’ whoever you want to do one for, OR HOPEFULLY BOTH OF THEM! :’) As I will be making TWO separate videos, one each for both of the guys.

You can write on some paper and take a photo of you holding it, or just use Photoshop or whatever and write your message onto a photo of you if you wish, or write any message you’d wish on the paper like ‘happy birthday Sasskarth’ or ‘happy birthday potato’ etc :L.  

Even if it’s a photo of either of the guys that you have drawn or a photo or piece of art of the whole band, a piece of ATL artwork for instance or a photo you’ve made on Photoshop or taken from a live show or a photo of you with either Alex/ Rian, or even just one of your favorite photos of them. 

You can also record a short video of your message if you wish :-) Of around 5-10 seconds at maximum.

Please add your twitter name/ name to it if you don’t have a twitter, this helps me to know who sent in what and also for the video so if the guys see it they’ll know exactly who took part, and also remember to add a ‘Happy Birthday’ and send them in! 

There’ll probably be a Hash-tag going around for the guys on the day also, so we could use that for the video too to trend on the day of his birthday with the video link in each tweet, something like #HappyBirthdayAlexG #HappyBirthdayRianD etc. and this will hopefully help the guys see it and love it. It’s always nice to do something for them, they deserve it and I’m sure a lot of people will be doing videos/ creating gifts for them too, and it’s always great to show them a bit of love :).

Please send in your entries, we have just over 3 weeks now until their birthday! :) Any suggestions for the background track/ tracks also, would be appreciated :-) Something ATL related for instance or any other suggestions you may have :’) Also if you have another idea for your photo/ video that isn’t listed, please feel free to do it :)

I guess the Deadline for this is set for around the 12th/13th of December just before Alex’s birthday and maybe a bit later for Rian’s if there’s still people wanting to send things in for him, this gives me time to sort the videos and put them together :-)

P.S. Any entries please ask for my email address and I’ll Message you it or just twitpic your photo, Instagram it, use yfrog or whatever image site you use, even tumblr it if you wish, and just link it to me on my twitter @AlltimeSTACEYx :) 

Be as Creative as you wish, which I know you all can be, and hopefully this will be as successful as the one I made for Josh, who actually saw the video and tweeted it! :’)

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO our fellow Sixers/ Hustlers :-) And PLEASE REBLOG THIS in order to get the word out! :3 

We have plenty of time for this, and I know I’m starting early, but I’m busy and I’m sure everyone else is, so it gives people plenty of time to sort their entries :’)

Much Love


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